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Beth Meyer was certified as a trainer through John and Josh Lyons in 2018. Beth has a passion to teach youth riders and give youth a chance of finding love, responsibility, sore muscles and freedom that we all find in feeding, grooming, and riding horses. As Beth says, "There is no better way to find yourself and grow closer to God our Heavenly Father than on the back of a horse. And what is even better on the back of a Morgan horse". In Beth's program you find her training horses and riders from 3 years old to the adults who never look their age! She will teach softness, correct time to release pressure, when to add pressure, and how to cross the line between loving and discipline with your horse, to enhance the best relationship with horse and rider. Beth finds 3 Day Eventing to be thrilling and a test of agility, stamina and the use of correct aids and suppleness. She also enjoys PMT (Premier Mountain Trail) where it challenges the horse to listen and wait, pivots on moving objects and tiny platforms all using the training of shoulder and hip control. Along with the disciplines listed above, you can find Beth competing and coaching in Dressage, Ranch, Sorting, Speed Event, and enjoying a quiet trail ride.

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If you have more questions regarding training, lessons or sales please go to the contact tab and Beth will be happy to answer all your questions.


Training Price:

 $300 per week


Consignment is training fee plus 20% of what the horse sells for.


Lessons Prices:

$60 per hour your horse 

$70 on my Horse


Lease a Horse is also available $425 per month- Full Lease

$275 per month- Partial Lease

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