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It is our mission to offer to you some of the most beautiful and adventurous Morgan horses. You will find broodmares to colts and fillies to riding horses both mares and geldings being offered from time to time! Don't be afraid to reach out if you don't see what you're looking for, we are happy to help match you with your next forever horse!
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Cimarron of Maple Springs!

Are you looking for that rare find? A horse that can not be found in many other pastures? Let me introduce to you Cimarron of Maple Springs! Cimarron is of the rare lineage in the Morgan Breed called Lambert. Cimarron is a young stud at 3 years of age standing at 14'3H. Cimarron is jet black and has not bleached the last two years. I have owned him since he was a 4 month old colt. He has been brought up correct and shown in hand as a yearling in Extreme Mountain Trail and this past year as a 3 year old riding and in hand. Cimarron brought home many 1st, 2nd, and 3rds throughout the competition season and finished with a Grand Champion in his class. Cimarron is extremely bold and confident as he was asked to do 180s and 360s on different obstacles, including rolling bridge, tetter totter, balance beam, and more. Cimarron is quiet on the trails and will lead or follow. He has a fantastic start in the arena, where he knows hips in, shoulder 4 and shoulder in, takes both lead of canter from walk and halt, he has smooth gaits, and is easy for anyone to ride. He has had a couple beginner riders on him to feel a jog and a lope. Cimarron will excel in reining or ranch. He has a natural stop sliding barefoot already and a great start to his spins. Cimarron is also a natural, talented jumper with phenomenal form over fences when he has been free jumped. Cimarron has worked cattle and shows natural desire for cutting and sorting. His 13th ride was at a cattle sort and after the first outing he natural hooked his cows and took them to the pen. Cimarron absolutely loves people and has excellent ground manners, and is educated in the basics of Liberty. Cimarron is used to being ridden with mares and shown around mares. He has no problem keeping his manners in check. Offering this rare and amazing horse for someone who has more time than I do. I will offer him as a stud until this winter. He will be collected in November for a personal stash of frozen semen and then is available to the perfect home. I have no problem gelding Cimarron if that will land him in a forever loving home. This makes me super sad to see Cimarron leave, but I am busy showing my 11 year old stud with no time to show Cimarron's amazing talents.   $30,000

CHECK his Albums out in the Stallion Section!!
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A unique opportunity to own a rare Lambert Morgan Stallion who has been started lightly under saddle and driving! Quietude Irish Castle is a beautiful flaxen Chestnut stud colt who will be 3 years old this year. He is currently standing 14'3H, and I expect him to finish between 15-15'1H. Castle's Dam was a beautiful thick mare, and I suspect Castle will inherit her chest and hindquarters. However, he has his Sire's elegant neck attachment with his refined jaw line and clean throat latch. Castle came from the beautiful Quietude Lamberts home of Shannon and Susan Hanley, who worked hard at persevering this old family line of Morgan horses. Castle has been very willing in his training. He has gone for many hand walks through the woods. He has been driven outside some and is heading in the correct direction to be a fabulous all-around horse. Castle is quiet in demeanor, is respectful of fences, and shares a fence line with another gelding and was pastured with a gelding up until this past December. Castle will make a fantastic carriage horse, dressage, jumping, ranch, obstacle, or working Equitation. Castle is currently a stallion who has not bred any mares and can be sold as a stallion or gelded. He is a Morgan that will get you noticed in the arenas and out on the trails! Location Hastings Michigan $15,000


Fine Shine Fine Fine Fine is a beautiful Black Silver Dapple Morgan mare. Finey is a 4 year old, 14'3H elegant girl who is athletic and bold to go in any direction! Finey is the stereotype Morgan who can do it all and do it well! She is bold and enjoys working cattle and is catty and correct over fences. She is soft in the bridle and will excel as a dressage prospect. Finey attended a ranch show last year where she earned Reserve Champion and has been hauled many other times and is the same horse at home and away. Finey is great on trails and goes through water and over bridges. Finey is a horse any level rider of any skill can learn on and be safe. This mare is so sweet and is very well started that she is a horse to make your dreams become a reality with. Finey is ridden by mostly youth riders currently as she is the first choice of the girls to ride. She has smooth easy gaits to ride, a good jog and extended trot, takes both canter leads, side passes, leg yields, pivots both forehand and haunches, picks you up at the mounting block, excellent ground manners, ties, trailers, great for farrier and vet, there is no complaints on this mare. She is a speculator and is ready to finish growing and head in the direction you want to take her! Located in Hastings Michigan $18000

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