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Serene Tyme American Blessing
Rolling Acres Legend X OldTyme American Beauty

Blessing is a beautiful filly who knows how special she is. She floats around the pasture with class and style everyone would be jealous of. She can be found working on her sliding stops as she zooms around showing off her grace and beauty. She is retained as her dam is my favorite mare and this is her first filly and I couldn't have received a better filly from her dam and Sire. She is 100% Foundation carrying the amazing Lambert lines through her Sire and the amazing Funquest crossed with Flyhawk on her dam line. Her dam's Sire is one of the last Caduceus bred studs by the well loved Wyoming Flyhawk
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promise 24_edited.jpg
Wildbay's Unavoidable Promise is a stunning Granddaughter by my favorite Stallion Caduceus Pericles. Promise has so much potential as my main riding partner to be used in my demonstrations and every day ride. She has the wonderful Flyhawk breeding crossed with some Lippitt making her a great versatile horse. She is smokey black in color and is expected to finish at 15'2H. Promise is quiet, trusting and super kind and patient with a good sense of curiosity when she is being ponied on trails. Her breeder Tami Musante did a fabulous job starting this precious girl with all the important baby training that I encourage as well.
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Coulee Bend Silver N Gold
Unconventional X Coulee Bend Nirvana
2016 palomino mare carrying the silver dapple gene, (eeAA CrcrNZ) 99.70% Foundation.  She is standing at 15H. She has been a Fantastic Momma for Kristal Homoki of Mtn Top Morgans and now will be trained by myself and one of my show horses for a few years before she is bred again. Annie has the sweetest disposition. She caught my eye not only as a beautiful well built mare but for her quiet spirit, with a sensitive mind.
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Jilleen's Oldtyme Tune is the daughter of my favorite stallion, Caduceus Perilces. Daphne is a dark liver Chestnut in color and is as Shiney as a new penny. She is 14'2H. Daphne is a favorite to ride in the lesson program with her smooth gaits and fun, easy-going, and happy personality. She is bold and eager to be on the trails and loves flagging her tail in the air as she runs across the field, believing she is the most beautiful Morgan in the world. I am excited to see the foals Daphne will produce in the years to come and how many riders she will teach how to ride.
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Maple Spring Alina
Quietude Fare Thee Well x Quietude Santa Catalina
100% Foundation Clean Blood Lambert, Alina is a super fun and spunky gal with load of personality. Standing at just 14H Alina is the pony size Morgan perfect for a family of children learning to ride. Alina has smooth gaits under saddle and is extremely bold and independent of the other horses. She believes she is the most beautiful young mare and will strut around with her tail flying proudly behind her! She started her riding career by a student learning how to train horses and Alina was perfect to introduce a youth to the world of horse training. Alina was patient and thoughtful and never offered to do anything bad. You can look forward to watching Alina learn the role of a competition horse later in the year of 2022.
Rose 1.jpg
Quietude Comfort Rose
100% Clean Blood Lambert and is a one of a kind mare. She knows how to make her way into your heart with her independent and kind old soul. She has a beautiful long stride, powerful in her trot, and a beautiful rolling canter. She is extremely athletic, and we are looking forward to getting out competing by one of my teen riders in Obstacles and Eventing. Rose is a thick built 14'3H mare with beautiful white mane and tail who believes she is a 16H gal. She is a very special mare!
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MapleSpring Summer Fare

Quietude Fare Thee Well x Honor Jubilee

100% Foundation Clean Blood Lambert, Flaxen Chestnut 14'3H; Summer is sweet and salty all in one package. She stands proud and is extremely independent. Summer is always in charge and unflappable on the trails. She has a huge heart and will do anything for her rider. She is a beautiful mare under saddle with power and class.

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Burks Nala
GRM Black Illusions x Magnificent Black Lace

Nala is my sweetest and most laid-back filly. She doesn't get upset over much and has a huge heart full of cuddles. She looks to have her sire, GRM Black Illusions' height, and will be a big girl!

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OldTyme Daydream

WHF Whistle Jacket x JMF Tiger Lily

High Percentage Foundation Flaxen Chestnut mare standing 14'3H Daisy is a favorite in any barn! You will always be greeted by her nickering for her food or treats. She is a sweetheart who is always happy and careful and kind to her humans. She is super fun to ride and was shown when she was younger and did very well. She currently enjoys her time on trails or in the arena giving lessons. She is a very nice compact mare, with easy gaits to ride

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OldTyme American Beauty

Caduceus Pericles x OldTyme Star Attraction

100% Foundation Brunk/Government Line bred Bay Dappled mare. Fancy is the dream horse to ride. She has the motion to give you the feeling you are riding on clouds, yet is so incredibly powerful! She is a thick build standing at 15'1H and has great endurance on the trails and has no problem leading the way or following. She has a great jump style and has beautiful gaits in the dressage ring. Fancy is the first to always greet you and loves to be pampered and groomed.

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GRM Funquest Aunt Peg

GRM Funquest King O Fancy x GRM Funquest Reveille

Check out all the Funquest breeding in lovely GRM Funquest Aunt Peg pedigree. Gabbie is going to start her riding career and have a little break from having foals. She is a love to be around and is a beautiful mover. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us

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Monaco Buckles

Monaco Gunsmoke x Monaco IM A Keeper

Buckles comes from a very well-known Canadian breeder whose horses are built for ranch work. Buckles is a thick 14'3H Buckskin mare who tends to be more shy and reserved. She loves attaching herself to whoever will be her leader. She has big gentle soft eyes and a heart who is as good as gold. She will be started under saddle this year. Buckles will thrive working cattle.
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Burks Greta Garbo

This is Miss Greta, yearling daughter of GRM Monarch's Go Figure x GRM Funquest Aunt Peg! She is tall and elegant! She has a baby doll head with enough sass to keep me on my toes but is as loving as can be! I can't wait to see how she matures!
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Greta 1.jpg
Seraphina 1.jpg

Serene Tyme Seraphina
MHB Bacchus Blessing x BHMM Lucindas Irish Lace

Seraphina is retained because how could I not keep her! She was a fireball with many opinions that started at conception. She is built correct and is going to be a big girl with the prettiest trot and balanced canter. She is going to be one to look out for in the show ring!

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Dahlonega Curry
Dahlonega Dillon x Denvers Snippet

Curry is the true American Morgan Horse we love! She is small but mighty standing at 14H! Curry has been a wonderful mare to boost riders' confidence of all ages. First to greet and loves to please!

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Grapevine Firebird is a lovely dark Chestnut from Ellen Quertermous breeding program which continues the breeding program of Mary Jean, Whippoorwill Morgans. Ruby is elegant and soft on her feet and is going to make an exceptional sport Morgan for my program both riding and breeding. I am super excited about having Ruby here at Serene Tyme Morgans. She is currently 14'1H with time to grow!

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TVR Grand Adventuress is bred to be a top performing sport horse for my personal show career and also for my breeding program! This beautiful filly is bred top and bottom Whippoorwill lines which have proven themselves over and over again as Dressage rides, Eventers and also in the Reining ring. I am so grateful for Vincent and Tanya Redmond for breeding this amazing filly!

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