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Maple Spring Savannah

100% Clean Blood Lambert, Black mare 14'2H Savannah is the only black Lambert mare in the registry. She is midnight black through the summer even with our intense Michigan sun. Savannah is leader and strongly opinionated Mare. She is fearless and courageous. She brings in some Lippitt blood to the Lambert family with excellent gaits and lovely rhythm.  Lease ends in 2024
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Maple Spring Mistique

Quietude Fare Thee Well x Quietude Sugar Plum

100% Clean Blood Lambert Chestnut mare standing 15'1H Misty is one of the sweetest mares of the Lamberts even though at first glance she comes across a stand off mare until she gets to know you. She had a great relationship with her breeder and tends to be a one person horse. She is the tallest Lambert here on the farm. She has produced some outstanding foals and we are very excited to produce more for you!  Lease ends in 2024

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SYLR Tomoros Royal Juliet

Andas Royal Marshal x Lisa At Supper Time

SYLR Tomoros Royal Juliet is a big boned mare at 15'1H with natural up hill gaits and strong hind quarters. She looks like a small Warmblood when she moves. Jules is extremely balanced with a kind and gentle personality.

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Whippoorwill Woodwind is a big thick boned mare black mare standing st 15'1H. Windi is a mare who can float across the ground with a beautiful Morgan type neck and very kind and trusting eyes. We are very excited to see what we get from Windi while she is here on lease a special thanks to Cassie Thomas and Carol Packer Prindle.

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